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Breast Cancer Foundation NZ hosts seminars and events for patients and public.

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Past Seminars

20 March 2020

Dr Hugo

Feeling tired is a common side effect of breast cancer treatment. While your energy levels can return to normal once your treatment has ended, this isn’t always the case. Finding ways to adjust to, and manage, fatigue is essential.
20 December 2019

New Seminar

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29 January 2019

From Passenger to Co-Driver: Taking a front seat in your ABC care - Auckland

Join us for lunch and an inspiring talk by Dr Cardoso, covering topics such as taking charge of your care as a patient, what to expect as a standard of care, partnering with your medical team to achieve better care, conversations with your oncologist, and more.
This seminar will be live streamed for people who can't attend on the day - no need to register for the live streaming, just check back here for a link on the day.
27 November 2017

New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium

A series of short talks, by leading researchers from around the world, on the latest research and what difference it could make for Kiwis with breast cancer.
05 July 2017

2nd Australasian Breast Congress: Advances and Controversies in Breast Cancer Consumer/Patient Day

27 November 2015

Sweet Louise/BCFNZ Advanced Breast Cancer Seminar

13 October 2015

BRA Day - Breast Reconstruction Seminars