Where your money goes

What we do

Where your money goes


  • Parry Guilford is developing a blood test that can detect breast cancer growth without the need for expensive scans.
  • We funded the development of Mepitel Film - a lining to cover the breast that prevents radiation burns during treatment.
  • Nuala Helsby is developing a new test to identify which participants will suffer from life-threatening side-effects on capecitabine, a common treatment for advanced breast cancer patients.
  • We've invested $500,000 in a five-year partnership with Ferrier Research Institute to develop a breast cancer vaccine - a simple injection that can stop cancer from spreading and becoming fatal.

Education & Awareness

  • We’ve taught 13,000 women how to check their breasts using our online video.
  • 266,000 educational resources distributed last year alone.
  • The Pink Caravan visits 33 small towns every year to talk to locals about lifestyle, family risk and breast health.
  • 12,675 km travelled by the Pink Caravan in the past two years to talk to women all around New Zealand about lifestyle, family risk and breast health.


  • 1,883 conversations between patients on mybc, our online breast cancer community, since it started in October 2016.
  • Over 500 counselling sessions funded in the last two years.

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We're a not-for-profit charitable trust so it's your generosity that keeps our education and support programmes going. Your donation can make a difference.